Mosquito Coast pack out Mojo’s during their ‘Lets Be Friends’ Tour

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Making quite the entrance to the Australian music scene with their Triple J Unearthed High win of 2015, our beloved Perth kids Mosquito Coast, hit Mojo’s Fremantle for the launch of their latest single ‘Lets Be Friends’.

Despite the less than ideal stormy weather, Fremantle’s most beloved venue was packed out. With their first visit to the west coast, Stonefox commanded the attention of the enthusiastic crowd with their chilled out pop stylings, with vocals that ensure an innocence to their mature and approachable sound. Throwing in a cover of The Killers “Smile Like You Mean It” whilst although a reliable indie starter kit tune, their cover took a darker turn to their set – dropping the mood significantly yet perfectly. Although slightly distracted by some rowdy and rather physical punters around me, this band shows a lot of potential and I can honestly say they are worth checking out on Soundcloud.

Presenting with a more psychedelic sound than expected, Mosquito Coast’s Naomi Robinson and Conor Barton have clearly been playing with their style and with their single ‘Lets Be Friends’, and it’s paid off. As a melodic and consistently good vibes tune, that the uniqueness of Robinson’s vocal truly shines on, you can easily imagine listening and chilling out on your road trip to Southbound *not so subtle hint*.

It goes without saying that the keyboardist’s introduction to the following tune had me intrigued to say the least. Its somewhat electronic, how about that. Bit of Skrillex, bit of Skrillex. And although I wouldn’t quite put the vocal-free tripped out tune in the same box as Skrillex, or even the same state, the track shows maturity and the previously stated will to experiment, somewhat echoing similar vibes to Tourist. A highlight to their set was a cover of the ethereal legends that is Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Dreams’. Although an indie starter kits tune, it is undoubtedly a good one to cover. And although I would’ve loved for Coast to add just a little bit more of their own sound to it, it was a solid cover that the crowd were thrilled to sing along to.

The definite highlight of the set was ‘Call My Name’. The track exhibits Robinson’s voice perfectly, it has real movement and levels to it, and has become the identifier for their chill, beach pop sound. Mosquito Coast followed it up with ‘Commotion’, another of the summery style tunes putting this young band on the map. Unfortunately, if there is a bad thing to be said, it is that for the final track, Robinson didn’t face the crowd once. And even though there were no vocals to it, I would’ve loved to have seen her give a little more to her crowd.

In my humble opinion, Mosquito Coast are a band with huge potential that has such great quirks to them, but they have room to grow and learn, and to own their stage and presence. But I also have no doubts that they will.