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Sunday night was an incredibly groovy one, I must admit. The smooth-as-butter combination of imaginative Melbourne singer-songwriter, LANKS, and American chillwave master, Toro Y Moi, was a match made in heaven for the many hundreds of fans crowded ear-to-ear into Chevron Festival Gardens – clearly evident from the dumbstruck smiles plastered all over our delighted faces. 

Fresh and clean after the release of their killer EP Viet Rose in October 2016, LANKS‘ gifts for great electronic storytelling and impressive falsetto performances were put to excellent use as he and his four-piece charmed the hell out of the crowd with tune after elegant tune. A very enjoyable hors d’oeuvre to the main course that is Toro, LANKS and his troupe set a very high bar for the American to exceed, so in love were we all with the freshness and tangible atmosphere of the Melbourne outfit’s sound. I wish them further luck on their road to stardom. 
Toro Y Moi then took the stage, and the very soul of the evening quickly transformed. A very welcoming and nostalgic aura resonated from the stage that I kept working its magic on me until the following morning. The lights show became evocative, stunning – a tantalising display of warm colours bathing each and every one of us in red and orange. Toro himself was never still, delightfully dancing and bopping about the stage like a man in love (whether with his own music or himself I couldn’t say).  
A totally welcome delve into much of his varied, acclaimed discography was something I greatly appreciated, so diverse and excellent is Toro’s sound across each of his four albums. The highlights were numerous: ‘Buffalo’, ‘Say That’, ‘Spell It Out’, ‘Yeah Right’ and ‘Lilly’ were particularly inflammatory, while the myriad of ways in which Moi‘s outfit reminded me of some sacrosanct hybrid of soul lords Earth, Wind & Fire, and neo-soul hip-hop raconteur Anderson Paak consistently left my jaw on the grassy floor. 
In short, it was another stellar night out in Perth. To be honest, if you haven’t yet caught onto the insane roster of musical talent playing their hearts out each and every week in this wonderful city, then hurry your arse up and get on it. You’re missing a hell of a show.



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