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Melbourne rock band The Delta Riggs are my second favourite band to see performing live. I wanted to get that out of the way as quickly as possible, so you understand preemptively that this review will be completely biased.

I have seen the Riggs play four glorious times now, including last Saturday night, and they have never been anything short of incendiary. I have always thought that bands who sound greater when you hear them demonstrate their musical prowess live on stage instead of on a record are truly special. The Delta Riggs are one of those bands. And nothing short of special ever goes down at the Rosemount Hotel. The place is always heaving, the patrons chain smoking, the elegant light design glittering – each only heightened when experienced through a good West Aussie marijuana haze.

Everybody was drinking and humming with charged anticipation like an electric fence. And when the band furiously launched into their opening single “Surgery Of Love” from their new album Active Galactic, that charge was released and never dropped its intensity. An artistic hybrid of old and new material skyrocketed into being when their iconic tune “Supersonic Casualties” crashed into us after that, backed up immediately by radio favourite “Record’s Flawed”.

The Riggs demanded we “Get Right” soon afterwards; “Street Signs” guided the way to even more kinetic boogyin’; we all thrashed and yelled like we’d “Never Seen This Before”. The thumping war drum foundation of Dipz Zebazios highlight “From My Mould” gave way to a recently released track with the ultimate Riggs name: “The Baddest Motherfucker In The Beehive” sounds as inherently ferocious, hilarious, and singularly peculiar as the band itself.

As always, swaggerin’ and Jameson swiggin’ lead singer Elliott Hammond epitomised the artists’ ethos with Mick Jagger-bravado and invigorating attitude. Interacting with us, joking with us, flirting with us, grooving with us…he’s a legend in the making. We cathartically screamed their lyrics like devoted banshees; we sounded as if Hammond could lead us through a portal into an alien Delta-Galactic-Zebazios universe despite fears of the unknown. What a night!



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