Boo Seeka ‘Oh / My’ Tour @ Slims

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Slim’s hosted yet another excellent, rapidly rising Australian music act on Saturday night in BOO Seeka, a duo producing electronic hip-hop/soul beats more wantonly infectious than conjunctivitis. The Sydney duo – comprised of singer and guitarist BOO, and electronic music producer Sammy Seeka – have enjoyed a very successful eighteen months playing popular festivals such as Groovin’ the Moo and Splendour In The Grass, which is really only the cherry on top of a recent European tour that contributed to the explosion of their sound.

Their ability to perform on the smaller local circuit definitely hasn’t waned in the meantime, with an enormously energetic performance at Northbridge’s most popular new club. BOO’s ecstatic guitar showmanship complemented Seeka’s quiet groove to provide an awesome, entertaining show for everyone there (BOO’s consistent swig from a big bottle of spirits was always followed by a cheer from the crowd).

Newly released single “Fool” ensnared us with its sheer musicality – BOO’s soulful verses crooning heavenly over Sammy’s percussive beat punched like a boxer at the speed-bag. Their Triple J Hottest 100 hit (and biggest commercial success to date) “Deception Bay” has only grown in its eminent sing-ability. The duo’s greatest hook delivered with such power on BOO’s part, while Seeka’s colourful but melancholy synth production simply knocked it out of the park.

And it seemed everybody present was secretly awaiting the duo’s best song along with me. When they stopped briefly right near the show’s end to thank us for our support, BOO delightedly announced that the next song to play would be “Kingdom Leader”, and the club trembled with the roar of the crowd. The throbbing synth and electronic bass combined beautifully with soulful vocals to forge a tune as enthrallingly sexy as it was soothing for the soul.

Utterly outstanding, the duo are clearly seeking to be reputable live-performance legends. BOO Seeka closed their set with the purest of class. I wish them luck on their huge American tour!



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